paperback-secrestsSomewhere, just beyond her perception lies a mysterious truth that has eluded Morgan Hill. Compelled by a stormy morning, she opens an heirloom trunk to find a well-worn quilt with Cuimhnigh embroidered in one corner, Gaelic for remember. Beneath the quilt she finds a pair of old glasses. When she slides the spectacles onto her face, colorful orbs of liquid light dance like swans to faint but oddly familiar melodies of clàrsach and balalaika.

The glasses become part of her daily life, stowed in her wiry copper and silver mane like reading glasses. Through the hyperopic lenses, she studies layers of life revealed to her but doesn’t truly grasp the magnitude of her ability until serendipitously meeting Yuri Bozek, a sexy, mysterious lumberjack who is far more than his appearance implies.

Profoundly attracted to one another, Yuri and Morgan spend evenings by the fire, while he leads her on a journey to remember the secrets  and discover the love that waits for her.

The world around a three-year-old girl, abandoned in the heart of Mumbai, churns with the consequences of abject poverty. With little awareness of life beyond survival, the child and her pack-mates focus on the present moment as they dig in garbage for food, drink water with the cows and sleep on the sidewalk.


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