Reviews: Finding This Place


A friend loaned me your memoir. WOW!  I usually read two or three books at a time and make it through my mystery books the fastest….until I started yours. I have to say I do admire how you kept the story of your life moving right along. I never was confused or lost as to where you were or what was happening. You did a great job organizing and showing (not just telling) what was happening and how you felt about it. What an amazing journey you have had so far! Thanks for sharing it.
~ Judy Drechsler – poet


[…] When you put yourself out there as you have to teach women how to connect to themselves…..that’s huge. Your spiritual journey inspired me. I never would have read this had it not been for book club. I don’t believe in coincidence. Thank you for writing it, thank you for taking me back to places in my young life that laid cornerstones I had forgotten, thank you for the validation I got from some of your moments, and thank you for giving your children such a strong foundation. Enjoy your farm…you deserve it.
~ Mary Ellen Egbert


I read Finding This Place and was struck by your writing, my connection to your words and my desire to contact you. Drawn to stay at your B&B…….but too late.  You have moved on.  Wish we had shared more than a name at SHS….maybe I, too, would have found courage.
~Marcia Osborn


I wanted you to know that I can’t put your book down! I am a busy person but I grab it up and read several pages and then do something else and start all over again. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and for having the courage to do so.


Received the book upon my return from a trip – it’s exquisite – beautiful – simply beautiful. In fact I could smell the bread – those beautiful perfect little loaves – and wanted to hold you and comfort you in the face of their destruction.
~ Amethyst Wyldfyre, Blazing Forth The Light Blog Talk Radio


Marcia Breece gives us a glance into a deeply personal weaving of her life, letting us witness her intimate spiritual journey, while staying true to her own relevant interpretation. Her genuine words will act as a catalyst for others searching for that spiritual doorway to self-awareness and conscious living.
~ Deanna Fulton