Interior Book Design/Layout


interior design

Good interior book design and layout helps readers enjoy your work.
Bad interior design makes it obvious that the book is produced by an amateur. Does that mean the writing is amateur too?

Have you ever dropped your fork in a nice restaurant and suddenly there’s a clean one delivered by the server? You didn’t know he was there. If you’re getting good service, you don’t notice, but if service is bad, you might not go back, even if the food is good.

Good book design is like good restaurant service. It’s nearly invisible to the reader, but if it’s bad, they might not buy the book, even if the writing is good.

Authors are focused on writing, of course, but when writers put on the hat of a self-publisher, they MUST learn about good book design or hire an expert who knows. Good interior design is just as import as a good cover design and as important as good writing. Poor design is instantly obvious to the prospective book buyer (especially book sellers and librarians). The book never makes it to the shelf or the buy button.

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