Publishing Partners accepts submission of all genres: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and children’s picture books.

If, during the pandemic, you’ve had time to finish your book, we’d like to read it.

Publishing Partners has a collaborative approach to book publishing. There is no submission fee. In our model, the author funds book production while maintaining copyright, artistic autonomy, 100% of royalties and global distribution via Amazon (the largest book seller) and Ingram (the largest book distributor to bookstores, etc).

We offer an a la carte menu of services including editing, cover design, interior layout, eBook, paperback and/or audiobook production.

Contact us to ask questions or to start the book production process, submit your manuscript to

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NOTE: Publishing can be like drinking from a firehose, and there is an abundance of misinformation online. Publishing Partners has been in the business since 2009. We’ve learned a thing or two and we stay up to date on the latest technology. We offer a 30-minute free consultation so you can feel confident that your book will look professional and be competitive.