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If you’re ready to self-publish, rather than learning how yourself, Publishing Partners can help get your book to market while staying true to your vision. Traditional publishing can take months or years! We can get a book to market in a matter of months, sometimes even weeks. Our à la carte menu of services will provide all you need to publish a professional looking book. Our authors retain ownership and control of their work, maximize royalties and successfully compete with major publishing houses through eBooks, audiobooks, paperback or hardcover. Our menu of services includes: 
  • Professional cover design for your eBook and/or printed book
  • Professional interior design of your print book
  • Professional editing
  • Author website creation
  • Expert eBook formatting
  • ISBN for both print and eBook
  • Library of Congress Number (LCCN)
  • Barcode for printed book
  • Printed book distribution via Amazon, B&N, and bookstores everywhere
  • eBook distribution for Kindle, iBook, Nook, KOBO, etc. (anywhere eBooks are sold)
  • Metadata optimization (print and eBook)
  • Unlimited inventory directly from printer
  • You own the copyright
  • You keep 100% of royalties


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Marcia Breece lives on the Washington Coast where she enjoys the tranquility, solitude, and inspiration she needs to write. Marcia has written and published Secrets Lost (novel) and Kala’s Choice (novel). Last Bottle of Burgundy is due out in 2023.
What readers say about Marcia’s writing:

Your writing is exquisite. The pictures you paint with your prose are stunning…. Jilly

Marcia paints her story with a depth and richness that transports the reader…. Lynne

Marcia Breece is a born story-teller. Her narrative ability takes the reader on a voyage of discovery as wide as the earth and as deep as human understanding…. Rex

I appreciated the varied characters, tight sentences, and paragraphs of soul-searching imagery…. Caroline

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