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Marcia was a very tremendous help to me in making my book available to countless numbers of people through digital media and print.  Navigating that world for me lifted a major burden off my shoulders. BUY NOW

Tony Ventrella - author of Here's Smiling At You


I was thrilled with Marcia’s help when I launched my memoir and musical CD.  She was always there for me.  She answered questions and met all her deadlines. She made sure my book and music were listed on Amazon and all other viable web sites.  She also helped with promotions on Amazon by putting the promos up and then removing them at the end of the promo period. I would recommend Marcia anytime. Aloha  BUY NOW 

A. K. Driggs - author of Abandoned in Search of Rainbows

Saint Nicks First Christmas ebook cover

I was fortunate enough to have Marcia Breece work with me on several projects, my most recent was Saint Nick’s First Christmas.  She is economical, very professional and a true delight  to work with. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with self-publishing.  BUY NOW

Charles L. Harris - author of Saint Nick's First Christmas

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Marcia Breece has done a fabulous job converting Surviving the Island of Grace into an eBook for me. She was efficient, courteous, on time and more than helpful. And–as a further bonus–her rates were reasonable as well. I heartily recommend her for any of your ebook needs!  BUY NOW

Leslie Leyland Fields - author of Surviving the Island of Grace

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Working with Marcia rhymes with her name (sort of). It’s truly a breeze–she makes orderly what seems so chaotic to authors used to writing and not book production. I can’t wait to finish another book to start working with her again. BUY NOW

Sheila Bender -

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Marcia Breece is a vital part of John Broadbanks Publishing. She extends our reach by making our titles available in multiple formats and platforms. She does all that we ask and more, while being competent, fast and helpful.  SEE ALL

Michael Dalton, John Broadbanks Publishing

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Wow! You’ve done a fabulous job. This is exactly the look and feel I want!  BUY NOW

Caroline Flohr - author of Heaven’s Child

how to become a published FRONT COVER

Marcia Breece is first-class all the way, a true professional whose expertise with the book business is second to none. She is very detailed, easy to work with, and the end result is something to be proud of in today’s marketplace. BUY NOW
Mark Shaw Books  

Mark Shaw - author of How to Become a Published Author

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Tasked with generating an e-book for Get Serious, a graphics-heavy paperback, Marcia Breece rose to the challenge. She proved to me (and the rest of the reader-audience) that one does not have to compromise aesthetics in order to convert to digital formats. Within a few short weeks of Marcia’s receipt of Get Serious, the e-book was available on and the Barnes and Noble website, the logistics of its upload directed as if by magic, by Marcia. I’ve since received nothing but compliments from readers. Similarly, I give Marcia an A+. She is top-rate. BUY NOW

Brett Osborne - author of Get Serious

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Thank you very much for creating the Little Merchants eBook. What a pleasure to work with someone of your ability. I appreciate all that you did, and so efficiently. May you enjoy continued successBUY NOW

Sandra Walker

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Marcia has expansive knowledge of the ebook process. She makes the conversion from print to ebook seamless.  BUY NOW

Christopher Kelly - author of America Invaded

Deaf Patients coverWe were referred to Marcia to manage the conversion for our first ebook, which was very well done. She also set up accounts with Amazon and Ingram, a value by itself. We’ve been quite pleased by her prompt and professional service, and recommend her to others. BUY NOW

Tamara Moxham, MEd-IP, CI, CT, NIC-Master - author of Deaf Patients, Hearing Medical Personnel: Interpreting and Other Considerations

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Marcia is so knowledgeable and efficient. If I knew how easy she would make this process, I would have published years ago!  BUY NOW

Marilyn Pillini - author of Dear Al,

make room for bliss

I am so grateful to Marcia for her help in publishing my book. She has the expertise in all the minutiae that I had no interest in learning. She did the Kindle version of my book, as well as the cover and interior design. She also introduced me to a great editor. If there are future books in my life, I will call her again. BUY NOW

Judy Stoffel Loewen - author of Make Room for Bliss

Falling into One b&w

Marcia is a marvel at working with an author that knows nothing about publishing! She helped me create a meaningful, well crafted book of poetry that was beyond my wildest expectations.  BUY NOW

Judy Drechsler - author of Falling Into One

Michael Buschmohle

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD RGB coverWorking with Marcia was a breeze—fresh ideas, creative suggestions, endless encouragement, and persistent follow through right to the moment the book was in my hands. I also have to mention that she is a joyful person to sit down with, share experiences, and explore the world of ideas. BUY NOW

Michael Buschmohle - author of Make Your Voice Heard

Mustard Every Monday front cover

Marcia Breece was exactly the person I needed to pull together the loose strings of my memoir to form a print book and an ebook.  With abundant humor and patience, she helped pick photos, design the cover, and block chapters.  Marcia understood, in ways no one else had, the concepts I wanted to convey. BUY NOW

Anne Fangman - author of Mustard Every Monday

The book is a real gem, thanks to Marcia’s multifaceted talents. BUY NOW

Michael Eugene Cantrall – author of Alone, Selected Photopoetry -

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