I have just finished reading Secrets Lost and the life-changing story floats around me like the soft, beautiful song Morgan Hill played in duet with Yuri. Like the book, I don’t want the music to end. Thank you, Marcia Breece, for writing such a compelling, magical and enlightening story and for wearing your heart on your lovely self-knitted-llama-fiber sleeve.
—Sher Emerick, SatoriSeven.com, Seattle, WA

Marcia Breece’s story felt like a breath of fresh air. The wonderful dialogue and imagery carried me through Secrets Lost as if I sought my own lost secrets, escaping into the past, knowing I’d return to the present. As I crossed boundaries I felt as if I were crossing generations of my own family, some parts of the story felt so real that they could have read like my own life’s story. Well-crafted and well-written, I appreciated the varied characters, tight sentences, and paragraphs of soul-searching imagery.
—Caroline Flohr, Author of Heaven’s Child,  Bainbridge Island, Washington

This book reminds me of a good tapestry. Wonderfully woven past and present, all parts held together by the common thread of Morgan Hill. This book was a delight to read and I am hoping that we hear more of Morgan and her life in the cottage she has gone off to. As a former bed and breakfast owner, her guests brought back fond memories of my own and encouraged me to revisit that time in my own life. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a long walks and quiet moments to think!
—Jarilyn Rust, Port Ludlow, WA

I am reading Secrets Lost, trying to take it slow and savor it. Absolutely loving it and feeling so connected to it. Its bringing forward so many of my own thoughts and beliefs and reminding me that this is a time in my life that I need to look to those beliefs and allow them to play a more central role.
—Michelle M, Angel Gowns, Marysville, WA

This book was a wonderful story. While reading Secrets Lost, I felt drawn to the characters, almost that I was a part of their journey. Some of the symbolism I could apply to my own life. The characters come alive to the reader. We all have an “inner self” and this book inspired me to keep in touch with myself. The story is a wonderful example of how very special people can be a wonderful gift. I love the book and have given several to friends and family and each person I gave it to loved it as well. Once I opened it, I couldn’t put it down.
—Diane Watson, Bellingham, WA

I enjoy reading books that touch on the metaphysical, and Secrets Lost does just that. From that brief half-page Chapter 1, I found myself taking side trips into the ethereal realm. Yet, each time I wandered away, Breece pulled me back into the here-and-now of her protagonist’s life, with all of its mundanities and strugglesmany of which resemble our own. I liked the way this author tantalized me with possible romance and probable shamanic other-worldly experiences. She continuously grounded me in the real world, even as she subtly led me beyond it. And although this work of fiction does indeed evolve toward a climax, the end was not the end for me. That is, I found myself delving into cyberspace, attempting to satiate all the wonders that Breece had planted inside me.
— Ardith D Cole

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Audio book reviews for Secrets Lost, Secrets Remembered

I read/listened to this book in audio format. I will always choose audio when available because the audio breathes life into a book! Audio also allows us to multitask as we listen like, exercise, yard work, chores, even driving. Audio books are great company for long road trips too!
I really enjoyed this story! It was strange & different & even fun! This book is about healers and spirits and the unknown, but is told to us in a very enjoyable, fun format! Morgan has been seeing orbs, lights and strange things for as long as she can remember. Morgan is a world traveler and has decided to settle down with something new, so she buys a farm & turns it into a Bed & Breakfast. Morgan’s friends convince Morgan to write a book about her past & family life as Morgan has a unique way with words. Later at an Authors event Morgan meets Yuri. Yuri has many strange things about him that draws Morgan to him.
Morgan offers Yuri a job for the winter at her B&B. Yuri teaches Morgan more about her powers. Most of all, Yuri teaches Morgan life is never really over, it just changes into something else!
Kudos to both the author Marcia Breece who did a wonderful job writing this. The plot was great & the story held my interest for sure. Also to the Narrator, Rosemary Benson who has a wonderful voice. The accents were spot on. I really enjoyed listening to her. Good job ladies! Quite Inspirational.
—Terri B.

This one certainly did touched my heart and my soul… makes me want to know that beautiful place, both the B&B, and the inner peace. I really like this audiobook and do recommend.

Quite the Sleeper! This book starts out quaint but before you know it you can’t put it down. A great read.

A Healing Journey with a Memorable Performance! A story of uplifting transformation seen through the spectacles of serene and deep understanding.
A magical story which brings to life a calm account of transformation and acceptance.
Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. Although the story lines are very different, and the writing approach is different, they both show magical realism. They are both stories which show the mysticism of everyday life and love.
It’s tough to choose a character I like best with Rosemary Benson’s performance. I felt that each character was so true to the written word of the author. I loved the Biz character, because her character in general was the most out of place in the story (she was the skeptic of all the magical happenings), but Rosemary was able to show her vulnerability after the death of Biz’s sister, and it immediately made me love the character.

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