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Here’s what I did for Dale.




Dale decided he wanted to print the color version of his book offshore and planned to sell via his website and directly to bookstores – without a distributor. Normally we would highly recommend against this plan because bookstores prefer to buy from a distributor like Ingram. (Imagine if Barnes and Noble had to buy each book from each author! Inventory management would be a nightmare!) However, Dale had a unique relationship with bookstores in the Ketchikan area and across Alaska, and because of the high volume of tourist traffic, this plan worked for Dale. The stores were willing to buy directly from him.



interior design





Because of the complexity of the design, with 500 images on 400 pages, I created a fixed format eBook so that each page looks exactly like the printed version but unlike regular ebooks, the text is not reflowable. The ebook is an excellent value at $9.99.


b and white version of dales cover



Dale also wanted a black and white version of his book to be available via POD (print on demand) so I created a unique cover for the black and white version.

The interiors are identical except that the images are black and white and the color version is printed on heavier paper.

The color version is priced at $39.95 directly from Dale’s website, while the black and white version is $22.95. Amazon


Thanks Marcia! I couldn’t have done it without you!  – Dale Pihlman


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