Performed rather than narrated, this remarkable audiobook will entertain and inspire as MARCIA BREECE audio book, eBook, Print bookit draws you into Morgan Hill’s journey to discover her authentic self. Wearing a pair of spectacles she finds hidden in an heirloom trunk, Morgan begins to catch a glimpse of lost generations and long forgotten family secrets. Her expansion and awakening flourish when she meets Yuri Bozek, a mysterious lumberjack who is more than his occupation implies. Drawing on intuition and deep energetic awareness, Yuri guides Morgan on a journey to discover the true essence love. Their paths converge in the dark attic as the heirloom trunk exposes ancient bonds neither could have imagined. Set on a llama farm in rural Western Washington, Secrets Lost is a gripping story of self-discovery and new beginnings somewhere between Celestine Prophecy of the 90s and Baby Boom of the 80s. It might be considered a guidebook to help you crystallize your own perceptions of life and authenticity.

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