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Book Production

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Publishing Partners helps self-publishing authors sort through the maze of information and technology to produce and distribute a book to be proud of. Marcia tells her clients, learning to self-publish is like drinking from a firehose.
  • Professional cover design
  • Professional interior layout
  • LCCN, ISBN, Barcode

You Make the Decisions

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Publishing Partners’ team members offer many years of experience in all aspects of publishing, including: editing, cover design, interior book design, eBook formatting, print on demand (POD), audiobook production, and distribution.
  • Retain copyright
  • Make your own content decisions
  • Control the process
  • Order your own inventory at cost
  • Print only what you need


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We offer an a la carte menu of publishing services based on your needs,
  • Paperback, eBook and/or Audiobook
  • Sell on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, etc.
  • Distribute via Ingram
  • You get paid 100% of royalties




Authors Have Choices

Print on Demand (POD)

POD technology is an affordable option that removes the financial risk of self-publishing. Books are printed when an order is made. No need to pay for large print runs. When POD is set up properly bookstores are unaware that the books is self-published. Advantages of POD include:
  • no warehousing costs
  • lower shipping costs
  • faster time to market
  • no minimum print order
  • small edits and changes can be made after publication
  • order a print proof that is exactly what the reader will receive


Publishing Partners will carefully format your ebook to look as much like your print book as possible. eBooks differ from print books due to reflowable text. Reflowable text makes an ebook readable on any size device; laptop, smartphone or tablet. Pagination and other layout aspects change to fit the screen. Also the reader has the option to change fonts, color, size, etc. An ebook has no page numbers because you never know where the page will end on the reading device.
  • lower cost of production
  • no printing costs
  • simplified distribution
  • higher revenue per sold copy


Add credibility and increase profits by offering an audiobook version of your book. Publishing Partners make certain you are proud of your audiobook.
  • professional production
    • voice talent
    • mastering
  • distribution
    • Audible
    • Amazon
    • iBooks





What Authors are Saying about Marcia Breece and Publishing Partners

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Marcia was a tremendous help to me in making my book available to countless numbers of people through digital media and print.  Navigating that world for me lifted a major burden off my shoulders.
Tony Ventrella – author of Here’s Smiling At You

I was stopped cold with what to do next to publish my children’s book. I had written the text and received the powerful images from an illustrator, but very reluctant to just send it all off to a faceless company. Marcia saved my sanity. She DESIGNED a captivating book (cover and interior) that beckons a young reader to follow Flaky the snowflake as he in turn follows his dream to move a mountain. She is very creative and seems to have fun working with authors.
~ Dan Zobrist, author of Flaky’s Big Dream