I can certainly relate to Marcia Breece’s experience of “Training.” I started reading at 5:00 pm and read until 1:00 am, couldn’t put it down. What an interesting life! — Joanne, Denver, CO

To all of us who know her now, Marcia appears to have a natural golden touch. Her Morgan Hill Retreat is like a paradise–peaceful landscape, gorgeous garden, pond, llamas, chickens and welcoming interior …. So how did this vision come about? Read her book, Finding This Place, to find out. It’s honest, moving, vivid, original — filled with her hard won truths and insights. From early ecstatic days on her grandparents’ farm, then years of fear and uptight-ness in many guises, Marcia journeys near and far to “find this place” — the place where she can finally be herself, the artist that was always within. — Nancy Rekow, Bainbridge Island, WA, author of Raise Happy Chickens

I wanted you to know that I can’t put your book down! I am a busy person but I grab it up and read several pages and then do something else and start all over again. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and for having the courage to do so. — Renee, Boston, MA

Received the book upon my return from a trip – it’s exquisite – beautiful – simply beautiful. In fact I could smell the bread – those beautiful perfect little loaves – and wanted to hold you and comfort you in the face of their destruction. — Amethyst Wyldfyre, Nashua, NH

Marcia Breece gives us a glance into a deeply personal weaving of her life, letting us witness her intimate spiritual journey, while staying true to her own relevant interpretation. Her genuine words will act as a catalyst for others searching for that spiritual doorway to self-awareness and conscious living. — Deanna Fulton, founder of Soul Incentives, Seattle, WA

I didn’t want Marcia Breece’s book to end. Right from the cover (which is a story in itself) I was swept up in another woman’s journey to find herself, and yet I could relate to every episode. There’s humor, sadness, interest, love, adventure and a little bit of healthy anger. Not a dull page, and yet so down to earth. I would recommend this to all women, and even some men. I hope she writes another book, perhaps a novel.— Katherine, Poulsbo, WA

I’ve been privileged to know Marcia throughout the course of our Seattle, ‘corporate’ years. I’ve always admired her intelligence, creativity, and tenacity. It was no surprise to find that she’s also a great writer. I was surprised to learn of the twists and turns her life has taken to reach this juncture. Marcia paints her story with a depth and richness that transports the reader into life in the 1950’s and far beyond. She demonstrates the impacts of childhood experiences on our lives and how we can successfully turn life’s challenges into opportunities and limitation into freedom. This is an inspiring story of a girl who refused to be confined by someone else’s idea of a woman, overcame diverse challenges, and freed herself to achieve great happiness and fullness in life.— Lynne, Seattle, WA

Marcia Breece is a born story-teller. Her narrative ability takes the reader on a voyage of discovery as wide as the earth and as deep as human understanding. She has the heart to say what we all feel. You’ll learn, laugh, and cry with her as she starts a nearly impossible quest – and succeeds. Here is a new voice – well worth hearing. — Rex Olsen, author of Return to Cottonwood Draw

Thanks for saying it all for the baby boomer women out there. Many of us can relate to what you have gone through. Keep on writing, I feel there are many more books to come from you.– Beverly Vailenski

If you want a page-turner memoir that reminds us what it was like to be in the generation of women raised with lesser expectations just because we happen to be females, then Finding This Place: One Woman’s Journey Beyond Restriction is the book for you. Its hard-won positive outcome provides inspiration for all women.— Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett, co-authors of the collective memoir, Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story

I’m really enjoying the book!! You are a gifted writer! — Isabel Gates