One Woman’s Journey Beyond Restriction

finding this place paperbackMarcia Breece has traveled many paths—a dutiful housewife and caring mother, a high-powered, globe-trotting executive, and a small business owner. The most difficult path however, took her on a journey to reclaim her authentic Self.

Finding This Place is Marcia’s riveting memoir about her passage through a truly remarkable life. Her story begins with a childhood reminiscent of classic Americana—summers spent with loving grandparents on their farm and a belief that she could achieve anything she dreamed. At home, in what’s now called a dysfunctional family, she and her siblings confronted serious issues that left permanent scars.

Once she began school, Marcia entered into what she calls Training To Be Just a Girl. Slowly but surely her family and society conspired to make her fit into the accepted mold for girls—attractive, coy, obedient, and self-effacing…and never quite equal to a man.

Although her inner voice argued against following this course, Marcia did her best to be a “good girl.” Years of pressure to conform to patriarchal convention finally eroded the limiting cultural constraints, and Marcia found the strength to strike out on her own.

Independence unleashed talents she had suppressed. She found success in the business world, but even as she manifested career success beyond her imagination, she still searched for emotional confidence and authentic spirituality.

Finding This Place tells a compelling story, one written with humor, insight, and unflinching honesty. The challenges Marcia has faced will speak to every woman who yearns to defy “the rules” and walk their own path.

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