Harp Therapy

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As an author, you never know where publicity for your work might come from, or how long it will take to find you. And you should never give up.

In my novel, Secrets Lost, Secrets Remembered, published in 2013, the protagonist, Morgan Hill listens to Sarajane Williams’ harp music. In fact, music runs throughout the book like a silent soundtrack. I was honored when Sarajane allowed me to use her music in the Secrets Lost, Secrets Remembered book trailer. I sent Sarajane a copy and after she read it, she asked if she could publish a review of the book in Harp Therapy Journal.  I was thrilled! The review appears in the 2016 summer issue. You can read the article at:  www.marciabreece.com/the-harp-therapy-journal.

Before I found Sarajane Williams, I knew that harp music had a huge emotional impact on me personally and I wanted to write about it, but I didn’t know anything about harp therapy and the harp’s healing properties. To learn more about Harp Therapy, as Idid, go to www.harptherapyjournal.com or www.musiatry.com